Rashaad Fontenot

The original bulldog

“Rick” was adopted by the Garfield Community in the seventies. The staff, students, and community knew him as Rick. You would see Rick at all the sporting events, in the lunchroom, walking the halls. He loved GHS. GHS loved him. He would tell everyone he built Garfield and it only took him 20 minutes. Yes, Rick was the heartbeat of the school. We were all blessed to be around him and share in his excitement for the success of GHS.
Rick, would catch the extra-point kicks at the football games, he was a staple at the basketball games and would help Acox conduct the band. He never missed. He even would come out during halftime to shoot the basketball. We all knew and loved Rick. When you enter the Garfield High School gym. Look under the scoreboard and see the number that was dedicated to him. We called him Double zero. “00” Rick, you will be missed but know your spirit will live on in our memories and our stories. “Who built Garfield?”

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